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All the trainees are Companions at Emmaus Preston and are people who have experienced homelessness or social exclusion.  Many have complex needs and related health problems from alcoholism and drug use to mental health issues such as depression.
Shabby 2 Chic training has been an excellent way of engaging some of the more difficult to reach adults.  It has provided a focus to their work and has had a very positive impact upon self confidence, motivation and self esteem.  Companions themselves described the training as inspiring.
The skills have been passed on to other Companions with Emmaus Preston and across the UK.  On a practical level, the furniture has been selling very well and seeing their designs and creations being bought by members of the public has made Companions feel very positive about themselves and their future.

Director Preston EMMAUS 2013 Tracy Hopkins

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The young people that have attended have enjoyed all their sessions with Sandra and the staff that work at Shabby 2 Chic. They have engaged with the different stages of restoring furniture, and one young person became so involved that they wanted to continue attending even when their court order had finished.  The sessions attended by our young people offered them a sense of achievement and helped to develop a positive self image. Sandra and the staff made the young people feel welcome and motivated the young people in a positive way so that it encouraged them to get involved in the project, offered them a sense of worth and develop new skills.The sessions we accessed could not have been improved and the motivation of the staff kept the young people engaged in all sessions. We would like to hold more sessions at Shabby 2 Chic.
We would recommend Shabby 2 Chic to any other training service. We would certainly use this service again.
Anita Clinton YOT Team Worker 2014

Aspired provides therapeutic play session to hard to reach, vulnerable children aged 3 – 16 across Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde areas The children whom attending the session with Sandra and all the staff at Shabby 2 Chic CIC really enjoyed having a go at the different stages of restoring furniture, one of our teenagers actually wanted to carry on attending so he could finish the item of furniture he had been working on when he attended the first session he was so proud of himself when he knew that his piece of work had been placed in a stately home in the south of England The session we accessed could not of been improved in any way we were made to feel very welcome and it kept all our children fully engrossed the only thing we would change is that we would like to do it more often with more children Yes we would recommend Shabby 2 Chic, Sandra and all the staff were so helpful and accommodating to our children and we are looking forward to working with them in the future 
Andrea Clowes - Aspired Admin Manager  21 November 2011/12
NHS Mental Health Services
Shabby 2 Chic has provided training in Furniture restoration and painting, stencilling and upholstery in a business environment preparing items of furniture for sell.
 Our clients are people who have suffered brain damage who have experienced social exclusion. Many with mental health issues suffering from head injuries from motor accidents.
Shabby2Chic provides a secure working environment for people who are in rehabilitation to grow and develop surrounded by caring and talented employees. The individual is able to both enhance their skills and feel that they are contributing in a meaningful way as they attempt to attain their goal of regaining their former levels of confidence and self esteem within the world of work.
As an occupational therapist it is extremely satisfying to witness this process week to week at Shabby 2 Chic, the value of the work placement for these people cannot always be measured in tangible terms but the overall experience can be positively life changing.
Carry on the same it is working, no improvement required!!
Well done Shabby 2Chic CIC
David Flemmiing NHS Occupational Therepist  
September 2012/13


The young person was  to sit her GCSE in Art and was looking to develop and learn new techniques to support this.
The young person was able to develop various artistic techniques and other skills which assisted her in achieving B & C grades for their GCSE exams.
Spending time at Shabby2chic also helped the young person develop social skills through meeting new people in a different environment.
The service accessed by the young person concerned meet and exceeded any expectations we had and gave this young person the opportunity to achieve excellent results in her GCSE’s together with learning skills which will hopefully benefit her in the future.
Yes we would recommend Shabby 2 Chic, Sandra and all the staff were so helpful and accommodating to the young person and staff visiting their training service.

Shirley Sloaman  Teacher Red Rose School Preston 2017/2020