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BOZ PHILLIPS and @MisterDee ToYou

Blackpool's Graffiti Grannies

Community Arts Event At Bethesda Square Blackpool

IBoz Phillips met with Mr Dee: Community arts met old school Graffiti, and the idea became a reality
On the 17th August 2012 these artists worked with a group of young people from the area, at Ibbison Court Community Center. The drawings and creativity from this meeting have become the starting point for a series of graffiti boards that were painted on The 22 of September, by Mr Dee and the young people. The work was then displayed, becoming a starting point for a community graffiti wall on the Park
This is the first phase of what we hope will evolve into further opportunities for young people in the area, to be creative within their community. We still welcome further positive suggestions, ideas and comments with regards the work to be made and displayed in the future.
On Saturday the 22nd September 2012, the sun shone and a rainbow appeared over Bethesda Square – A real rainbow!

At the end of a long busy graffiti day, Karima Francis, local musician, arrived on the park and serenaded an enthusiastic graffiti crew of young people from the Central Drive area.
From start to the finish this project has been a pleasure to work on.
The youngsters who participated were so keen to set their ideas on to the boards donated to the project by Tysons.

The artists were inundated with smiling, enthusiastic young people with a keen eye for design and colour.

Open Wide Whats Inside
Open Wide Whats Inside
Photo montage of collage and mixed media sculpture. Materials used - This images shows a photograph of a corridor I made with recycled wood. The corridor was a scale model of my friends hallway with a photograph of her sat on the stairs at the end. The corridor even has a working light. On top of the printed photograph I made a collage using bits of other photographs, and cut outs of printed images made with hand made printing blocks (made using old rubbers). Phew! that is a long winded description.
The Birds
The Birds
Photo montage, collage on digital photograph. I took a digital photograph in St Annes. I used vintage magazine images cut up and pasted on top. I sent one of these collages to New Zealand as part of an artist collage exchange.
Ginny - vintage button brooch
Ginny - vintage button brooch
Recycled button and retsine brooch. I recycle old material, buttons, and jewelery to create new and funky brooches necklaces and earrings. 'Ginny' is just one of my many brooches. I sell these on Etsy