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Beautiful Console Antique restoration, Blackpool, Preston, Lancashire, Charity, Future, Workshops,

Below is Harriet and her mum working together on their family weekend shabby2chic recycled furniture weekend workshop

along with

'Bob' their dog with his designer self portrait table great fun!!!

EMMAUS Charity Antique restoration, Blackpool, Preston, Lancashire, Charity, Future, Workshops,

Shabby 2 Chic training has been an excellent way of engaging some of the more difficult to reach adults. It has provided a focus to their work and has had a very positive impact upon self confidence, motivation and self esteem. Companions themselves described the training as inspiring.

The skills have been passed on to other Companions with Emmaus Preston and across the UK. On a practical level, the furniture has been selling very well and seeing their designs and creations being bought by members of the public has made Companions feel very positive about themselves and their future.


The young people that have attended have enjoyed all their sessions with Sandra and the staff that work at Shabby 2 Chic. They have engaged with the different stages of restoring furniture, and one young person became so involved that they wanted to continue attending even when their court order had finished. The sessions attended by our young people offered them a sense of achievement and helped to develop a positive self image. .

Anita Clinton YOT Team Worker 2014


Andrea Clowes - Aspired Admin Manager 21 November 2011/12

NHS Mental Health Services

Shabby 2 Chic has provided training in Furniture restoration

Our clients are people who have suffered brain damage who have experienced social exclusion. Many with mental health issues suffering from head injuries from motor accidents.

Shabby2Chic provides a secure working environment for people who are in rehabilitation to grow and develop surrounded by caring and talented employees.

As an occupational therapist it is extremely satisfying to witness this process week to week at Shabby 2 Chic, the value of the work placement for these people cannot always be measured in tangible terms but the overall experience can be positively life changing.

Carry on the same it is working, no improvement required!!

Well done Shabby 2Chic CIC

David Flemmiing NHS Occupational Therepist

September 2012/13